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Financial Protection After a Personal Injury Incident

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Medical debt is the most common reason people give for filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy. A lot of that debt accumulates after an accident causes an injury. It is easy to underestimate how quickly medical expenses add up and how long it really takes to recover from something like a broken bone or a traumatic brain injury. What may seem like a small incident could become something that changes the lives of everyone involved. It is necessary for everyone to protect their financial future and seek compensation when they were injured because of the careless behavior of someone else.

Understand the Severity

Patients that try to live with the pain or ignore the warnings of their physicians are at risk of harming their health and ruining their chances for receiving a judgment against the person that caused the accident. Traumatic brain injuries require immediate attention to prevent permanent damage. A broken bone or pulled muscle will not heal properly if the victim refuses to rest their body. The result could be a lifetime of pain without any financial compensation.

Appreciate the Rush

It may seem as if the legal system pushes people to make immediate decisions about serious issues like lawsuits. In many instances, this rush is because of two important reasons. The first reason is that lawyers know that people forget details, lose paperwork and throw out evidence in the days and weeks after an accident. This loss of information could end what might have been a very compelling case.

The second reason is due to the statute of limitations regarding lawsuits over a slip and fall incident or automobile accidents. There is a very short window of time when these types of cases can continue. Even though people may continue to suffer from their accident injuries years later they cannot make the decision to sue at that point.

Know the Law

People that receive a settlement from an employer, have a life insurance policy or receive death benefits from Social Security may feel that they do not have the right to seek additional compensation for a wrongful death case. Falsely believing this could prevent the individual or the company responsible for the death from correcting their mistakes or taking responsibility for the pain they caused. It could also leave families struggling to survive without their loved one.

Consulting with an attorney is the only way to find out the facts that relate to a specific incident. Most consultations are free. The attorney can also assist with other legal concerns, like discussing bankruptcy or other options that will help the family manage their current financial situation.
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